Our expertise


A guiding light for your energy transition

Are you a developer, manufacturer, investor, operator in the energy sector or seeking greater energy efficiency?
For over twenty years, our lawyers have been working closely with the different energy areas and professional organisations, participating pro-actively in controlling energy requirements, the diversification of energy sources and the promotion of renewables. Our teams rapidly devoted themselves to developing an energy legislation adapted to the fight against climate change, large-scale energy challenges and energy renewal in buildings and neighbourhood projects or sustainable cities.
Our lawyers specialising in public business law, environment law, property law, IP/IT, contracts, financing, mergers & acquisitions and tax and customs law can offer you sound advice throughout all stages of your project. We can support you in the project development, construction and operation, including structuring your financing needs and its unbundling, up to dismantling of the site and restoring it to its original condition, both in consultancy and in litigation.

Wind energy

An active member of France Energie Eolienne, our firm is fully informed of the regulations and market orientations. We thus provide support to project developers, operators, energy specialists, wind farm manufacturers, electricity operators and investment funds in all of the sectors relevant to wind farm projects, both on- and off-shore, whether anchored to foundations or floating

Thermal and photovoltaic solar energy

We are able to lend our support to clients with projects in calls for tenders by the Regulatory Commission of Energy (CRE) and investment funds in all legal and fiscal aspects of operations focused on the development of purchases and sales of solar installations on roofs and on the ground.


Marine and hydraulic energies

We can support you transversally in the development, securitisation and acquisition of marine energy projects, in particular with calls for tenders. Our teams can also help you with obtaining or renewing your hydraulic energy concession.

Biomass, waste exploitation

We work on the establishment, construction and exploitation of energy products deriving from biomass. Our team has specialist knowledge, both in consultancy and in litigation, of the environmental issues surrounding incinerators and the exploitation of the biodegradable fraction of waste.

Energy performance and renewal

We have proven experience in contractually implementing energy renovation projects for buildings intended for residential use or the tertiary sector, both public and private. We organise the legal processing of the performance guarantees linked to these projects in terms of energy performance contracts (“EPCs”) or other suitable vehicles and we also advise on neighbourhood and sustainable city projects.

Fossil energies and biofuels

We can assist you in the operations and commissioning of your projects involving natural gas and other natural resources, in France and abroad, with an international presence, in particular in Africa.

Heating and cooling networks, geothermal solutions

For over twenty years, we have been advising our clients in matters concerning the construction, establishment and extension of their networks. In particular, we handle litigation and industrial risks for public and private urban heating networks.

We also help major groups in the development of geothermal resources, including in their environmental aspects.