Hind Belhachmi


Hind Belhachmi
Casablanca Bar
French, English, Arabic
Algerien M : +213 (0)6 61 55 28 15
Casablanca M : +212 (0)6 64 90 72 35

Hind Belhachmi works in company law, foreign investments, labour law and litigation. She advises a number of operators with projects in Algeria and Morocco.

Hind Belhachmi provides counsel to companies established in Morocco and Algeria, in particular in company law, capital operations, foreign investments, labour legislation and litigation.

She advises both local and foreign investors in the industrial and large-scale distribution sectors.

Hind Belhachmi taught business law at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and at the International University of Casablanca. She also leads a number of seminars on foreign investment.


  • Décideurs Stratégie Finance & Droit 2018: Recognized as Excellent in the category Best Business Law Firm in Algeria ; Recognized in the category – Best lawyers in Business Law in Morocco
  • Décideurs Stratégie Finance & Droit 2018: Recognized in Morocco – Best Law firms in Dispute Resolution, Algeria – Best Law firms in Dispute Resolution; Africa – Best Lawyers in dispute resolution and arbitration