Client Alert

We bring to your attention the following press release issued by the National Center of Trade register on 4 March 2019:

“The National Center of the Trade Register “CNRC” reminds commercial entities registered in the Trade Register that they are required to amend their excerpts from the Trade Register, as part of the integration of the electronic code “RCE“.

The CNRC has mobilized the necessary means to facilitate the operation of the modification of their extracts from commercial registers by the commercial entities concerned, which is carried out at the level of its local offices, located throughout the forty-eight (48) wilayas.

As such, the counters of all our local branches will be open, exceptionally, on Saturdays until the deadline set for Thursday, 11 April  2019.

It should be noted that, after this period, extracts from the commercial register not bearing the above-mentioned code become null and void and of no effect”.

As a reminder, this measure is in line with the Executive Decree No. 18-112 of 5 April 2018 setting out the template of the extract of the trade registry issued in the electronic format.

Thus, an electronic code called the Electronic Trade Register (“RCE”) is inserted on the extracts from the trade register of natural or legal entities carrying out commercial activities.

The RCE code is a graphical symbol with data and encrypted information pertaining to the relevant entity carrying out commercial activities.

Entities not holding the “RCE” code on their trade register extract must request the modification of their extracts, with the branch of the National Center of the Trade Register territorially competent in order to obtain the electronic code “RCE”.

Excerpts from the trade registry not holding the RCE electronic code remain valid until 11 April 2019.