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Investing in North Africa: Navigating the risks and opportunities

Focus on Algeria/Morocco


LPA – CGR avocats’ JAPAN DESK, in collaboration with CCIJF (Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France), and  the participation of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation) Paris, are pleased to invite you to the following conference :

Focus on the experience of a major actor in North Africa:

–  Market diversification, banking and financial sectors, digitalization of services

–  Opportunities for foreign actors


  • JETRO Paris: Mr. Pierrick Grenier, reponsable for Maghreb African projects
  • Société Générale: Mr. Alexandre Maymat, Head of the Africa, Mediterranean Basin & Overseas Region
  • LPA-CGR: Rym Loucif (Alger office), Romain Berthon (Casablanca office), Emmanuel Tricot (Paris office)

Highlight on key topics:

–  Opportunities and rules regarding imports

–  Foreign exchange control, repatriation of investments and profits

–  Choice of partnership: equity or contractual, the 51/49 rule

–  Contractual practice: distribution agreements

–  Merger control