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Press release 2019, May 7th

LPA-CGR avocats assists the shareholders of URBASOLAR in the sale of this company to Swiss electrician AXPO

Paris, May 7th 2019

LPA-CGR avocats assists the shareholders of URBASOLAR in the sale of this company to Swiss electrician AXPO

LPA-CGR avocats advises the shareholders of URBASOLAR in connection with the signing of an acquisition contract of 100% of URBASOLAR by AXPO. This operation aims to consolidate and stimulate the growth of URBASOLAR which becomes the photovoltaic operator within the Group with the ambition to create a European leader, and secondly for AXPO group to acquire a new competence in its strategy for the development of renewable energies.

URBASOLAR group, based in Montpellier, is one of the main players in the French photovoltaic sector, specialist of this technology and first winner of the tenders launched by the French Government, accustomed to the innovations technologies in particular original solutions for optimizing the performance of photovoltaic power plants.

URBASOLAR, since its inception in 2006 by Stéphanie Andrieu and Arnaud mine, has developed and built more than 457 large-sized power plants, in the form of rooftop power plants, parking canopies or ground power plants, representing more than 350 MW built and under construction and about 1 GW under advanced development. The Group has more than 160 employees for a turnover of 2018/2019 expected at 120 M €.

URBASOLAR has established numerous partnerships with local authorities and industrial groups for the multi-year and large-scale development of photovoltaics in France and export. The company has also developed for several years an international growth strategy with projects in different countries, where subsidiaries were created, and recorded other significant commercial successes.

AXPO, the leading Swiss producer of renewable energy with numerous hydroelectric works, has established a leading European position in this field with a strong activity in the development of wind farms through its German subsidiary VOLKSWIND.

The team of LPA-CGR avocats that assisted the shareholders of URBASOLAR on this transaction was composed of Philippe Raybaud (partner) and Wyssam Mansour. Alexandre Bensoussan (partner) and Rudy Jourdan (counsel) were involved on employment matters.