Alexandre de Konn


Alexandre de Konn
Paris Bar
French, English
Paris Tél : +33 (0)1 53 93 29 95

Alexandre de Konn is a partner specialised in general criminal matters, business and media

Alexandre defends businesses, their senior management and professionals, persons of interest or victims of crimes, at any stages of criminal procedure: investigation (custody, searches, seizures, etc.), assistance and sentencing.

He participates upstream in various procedures for the identification and prevention of criminal risk, including audits, bespoke training, implementation of compliance programs, power of attorney, etc..

A lawyer since 2001, Alexandre joined the firm in 2002. Prior to that, he was an intern with judges Laurence Vichnievsky and Eva Joly.

In 2009, he obtained a certificate in criminal specialisation, one of fewer than 100 issued by the Paris Law Society together with the National Council of Bars.

In particular, Alexandre has co-edited two books: “Les infractions pénales dans les opérations de construction”(Criminal infractions in construction transactions) (Lamy, 2014) and “Le risque pénal dans les opérations immobilières”(Criminal risk in property transactions)  (Le Moniteur, 2009).