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A cross-functional team to assist you in restructuring

Our multidisciplinary team guides you through a broad range of problems arising for example prior to insolvency proceedings and during the legal process resulting not only from restructuring, but also from mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, banking law, labour law, environmental law and property law, both as advisers and for litigation.

We support and assist companies and their executives, as well as creditors and procedural bodies, in France and internationally, in the context of procedures for the avoidance of restructuring, insolvency, and the judicial proceedings related to these procedures.

We have also developed a recognised practice in the area of executive liability.

LPA-CGR avocats is one of the founding members of TMA France [Turnaround Management Association France].

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Avoiding restructuring

We intervene prior to insolvency proceedings, working with debtors, executives and creditors on both amicable and judicial aspects: debt renegotiation, restructuring and reorganisation of debtors including the sale of subsidiaries, transfer of individual assets, portfolio sale etc.

Throughout the prevention process, our experts are in contact with the parties involved in the procedure, review risk and liability while providing support in identifying and reviewing problems as part of ad hoc mandates – conciliation.

Insolvency proceedings

We work with both debtors and creditors.

We assist you in choosing and implementing the appropriate procedure, managing relations with the procedural bodies and the court, preserving the rights of creditors, and, with our lawyers specialising in M&A and Finance Banking, preparing and negotiating safeguard or receivership plans, and analysing the risks involved in the insolvency proceedings.

Asset acquisition

We advise investors specialising in turnaround operations on negotiating the terms of their acquisition of the capital of restructured companies. We also assist our clients in taking over before the court all or part of the assets of companies under insolvency or liquidation proceedings. Depending on the type of file, our M&A team works closely with our lawyers on technical environmental issues (transfer of authorisations, decontamination of the assets concerned, site compliance) and labour law (non-transferred employees, employment protection plans, post-transfer HR management).