Our expertise


Our mission: to support you in all of the professions related to insurance

Your activities are no doubt complex and varied and you will need support by specialists with in-depth knowledge of your professional issues. Through our global and transversal range of services, our teams can focus precisely on the nature of the legal challenges presented by your projects.

We have lawyers specialised in insurance law, banking and finance, mergers & acquisitions, company law, IP/IT and real estate that can work on your behalf throughout the lifespan of your products, your company, and their transformations.

We can thus help with preparing, negotiating, distributing and implementing insurance contracts and litigation concerning them, for any type of insurance product (industrial, damage, third party liability, financial risk, etc.).

We can assist you in your relations with intermediaries as well as in your growth projects, as part of asset investment and management, in particular in property, and in your digital evolution.

Insurance contracts

The insurance contract is the cornerstone of this sector. Our dedicated team offers you a wealth of knowledge of the mechanisms and specifics of property and liability insurance. Likewise, we can aid you in drawing up contracts for the settlement of any disputes that may arise and can take charge of their distribution.


Distribution of insurance products is regulated. We can advise you on the setting in place of partnership agreements and/or agreements for the distribution of insurance products, irrespective of the channel (through agents, brokers, on the internet, etc.). We can also help you within the context of litigation invoking the liability of intermediaries.


In an environment that is increasingly affected by digitalisation, the insurance industry is confronted with drastic changes, in particular that of the digital era that is changing our way of working, consuming, treating health issues and moving from one place to another. We can advise you on all subjects connected to the digital transformation of your activities with our legal specialists in new technologies and personal data.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our corporate team advises and assists insurance companies, operators in the mutual society sector and benefit providers in their strategic operations. We also intervene regularly in mergers & acquisitions, transfers of insurance portfolios and in setting up strategic and operational partnerships.

The team has a broad and deep experience of the regulations applicable to all financial activities, authorisation procedures and disciplinary procedures with the authorities charged with the regulation of these activities.

Asset investment and management

We help insurance companies with the management and valuation of their assets and with their property investments.

We can advise you on optimisation of your holdings scenario, the structuring of dedicated vehicles and valuation of assets held over the long term.

Our transversal experience in investment, construction and property development and management for all asset types forms the framework for a fully comprehensive range of products and services that responds to any and all of the needs of operators in the insurance sector.