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Smart offers

New media / New platforms

In order to offer a service capable of covering your highly specific environment, allying technology and law, our teams working in the sector of new media and communications have adapted their knowledge to your industry.
In particular, we assist television channels, press groups, publishing companies, production companies, distribution, etc. They bring together very different operators within these competing industries (production and distribution) who must forge new economic models via the Internet and media platforms.

Smart city

Working with you to invent smart cities
City habits are transformed by innovations in mobility, housing, data, services and energy.
It is up to us now to redesign the laws that go with them, to develop ingenious and sustainable cities that have their inhabitants at heart first and foremost.
Whether you are a promoter of public or private projects, we help you translate the new equilibrium that these changes to the regulations will bring about.

Your business. Our business: They are all about innovation

Faced with considerable technological, media and telecom challenges, you need to innovate incessantly to develop and continue to serve your market.
As operators in these converging sectors, you need to protect the value of your company and consult on your technical and commercial challenges.

We can guide you while protecting your intangible assets, securing your contracts, setting in place your compliance policy, in particular with regard to the protection of personal data, and we can offer all of these services both in France and abroad.

Our transversal teams support you at every stage of your growth and innovation: creation, restructuring, development, setting up of partnerships, externalisation, corporate and fiscal structuring of your capital, financing, deployment of your HR strategy and skills assessment.

Finally, we have developed a unique support mechanism with the creation of Smart City.

Technology: software, infrastructures and networks
Media: content, production, distribution
Telecom: infrastructures and operators