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Preparing your company representatives for investigations and procedures by administrative authorities (competition authority, government body or data protection authority) and helping them develop the right instincts is essential in such situations for any company. With our firm’s resources, we quickly send you experienced lawyers to assist your company and your employees during investigations. We can also assist your company with litigation related or based on competition or administrative French and EU authorities’ procedures.


We can help you frame and legally secure your website, both in France and abroad, taking into account the ever-increasing legal and regulatory obligations of e-commerce players (consumer and regulatory affairs, personal data protection, etc.). We can also manage litigation before both EU or domestic courts, and government bodies such as the DGCCRF, DDPP, DIRECCTE, ARPP, ANSES, etc.

Compliance programme

We work with your representative and teams to conduct a compliance assessment (competition practices, consumer affairs, regulated sectors, Sapin II Law, etc.) and make concrete suggestions.

Our team works in the fields of distribution and consumer law.

The team assists companies in developing their business strategy and controlling the risks related to their activities, ensuring their antitrust, security and regulatory compliance.

It works in synergy, with the firm’s other departments in Paris and abroad, on all aspects of regulations pertaining to its clients’ investments or activities.


We can help you set up your distribution networks by assisting you at all stages of your business creation and development. We handle all aspects of B2B and B2C relationships (advice and litigation), in particular but not only for businesses in the fields of e-commerce, automotive, luxury goods, technological products, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, clothing, financial and insurance services. Large groups trust us with the management of their physical and Internet networks and implementation of their commercial strategies.

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We have recognised experience in consumer, advertising and merchandising law, particularly for industries subject to specific regulations (consumer credit, health products, regulated businesses). In the area of e-commerce, we advise established groups and new or developing operators on creating and maintaining their websites in France, and handling all aspects of their commercial communication. On the litigation front, we also work in the areas of product liability and deceptive / aggressive business practices among other areas.

Catherine Gaillarde | Diane Granboulan |